“The greatest lesson of life is that you
are responsible for your life.” 

~Oprah Winfrey


Here’s what I learned after my recent 35-Day Spring Walking Adventure- (over 100 miles walking only 1+ hour each day)

The model is powerful!! Ready to try it for yourself?


  • to have months and months of free time
  • to turn your life on its head
  • to break the bank
  • enough clarity to start making choices (so you can learn from them)
  • the courage to commit to yourself / your vision and then to act
  • creativity…because that helps you to see it through no matter what

Who knew?

So simple. But such a powerful step.
Here’s what this community offers you: THINK BIG, BUT START SMALL

I call the potential you can create in a short 35-Days-

One Degree To Freedom

One small step…with one huge impact.

So I have decided to create a One Degree to Freedom Community –
And I am inviting you to join us!



Start where you are

and your particular one degree can take you farther in 35-Days than you could ever imagine right now.

Start with something your heart really wants. A meaningful one degree 35-Day commitment might be quiet or modest or small –  or even invisible to others – it also might be bigger in scope and challenge. You decide.

SMALL IS BIG !! Small but consistent can create as much of an effect in your life as knocking the ball out of the ballpark, or seeing the sun’s rays shining bright and golden through the parted clouds after a week of rain.

Here’s what you do:

  • Join the One Degree to Freedom Community for 35 Days – 
  • Choose something new/different to commit to for 35-Days
  • Stick with it for those 35 days – no exceptions.
  • Enjoy the “One Degree Secret Facebook Group”. Connect with others.
  • Lean on me for support, ideas, encouragement & perspective
  • Lean on others too…We’re all be in this together.

Join the One Degree to Freedom Community for 35 Days –  It is a:
  • first step towards meaningful life-changing adventure.
  • way to flex your “commitment muscle”.
  • fun route for you to adventure into some new territory.

Here are some ideas for what you might commit to for your 35-Amazing Powerful Pro-Active Days:

  • tell your loved ones “I love you “ each morning
  • write/read x pages every day
  • shift something in your self-care or wardrobe
  • shift your walking or fitness routine
  • speak daily affirmations or write gratitudes
  • get out the paints/crayons or play some music/sing/dance
  • do x minutes of daily research towards something you want
  • make one sales call each day
  • give away one thing you don’t need/clear out one drawer/file a day
  • rest or connect with others in some new way
  • and you know what I did this spring…walk 1+ hour every day

… the sky/your imagination/desire is the limit!!

Do you want to be happy?
NOT a stoical happy.
NOT a pretense of happy.
Do you want to do what you dream of doing?
Do you want to be who you dream of being?
Me too!

Feeling stuck? Giving up? Unsure of where to start?
Start with the One Degree to Freedom Community!!

You cannot possibly know how powerful it is until you try it.


That’s why I am creating a community of people who are willing to start exactly where they are today

and will do what it takes to take them that first beautiful and powerful

One Degree To Freedom.

All it takes is a decision.
There’s no big investment of time – or money – or energy.
The significant investment is your commitment.
So that’s where you start.

Flex the muscle of choosing and committing

Please don’t take my word for it!! Try it yourself. 


You will have FUN. You will be CREATIVE. You will feel POWERFUL.

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 10.56.17 AM


What you get in the One Degree to Freedom Community:

  • An enthusiastic, non-judgmental, supportive community on a similar path
  • Built-in accountability for the entire month of your commitment
  • Inspiration, cheerleading & storytelling from me and others
  • A secret FB page for sharing stories and questions along the way
  • A process that helps you choose something meaningful for you
  • A structure that motivates to you to do what you have been dreaming about
  • A new awareness and reality for yourself in 35-Days


Start small if you wish. It’s only 35 Days.
You can change or add or re-invent at the end of 35-Days if you re-join.

Not sure what to choose?
That’s easy.
Let’s talk. I’d be glad to help you find a good place to start.

Join the One Degree to Freedom Community


Bring into reality what you now can only imagine or wish for.


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