What I want you to understand is that when you decide to focus on what now truly matters to you – your Maverick idea – everything changes.

That unswerving focus will assist you in countless powerful and transformative ways.

When you “go Maverick,” the draw you feel towards norms or convention is replaced by a greatly increased attraction to what truly matters to you. Clarity and commitment open doors to new possibilities in your life.

Your big idea pulls you along. Even better, when you follow your idea, everything lines up.

Priorities become crystal clear.

maverick-iconSam Maverick’s story shows us how. He was a New Englander who explored the southwest briefly in the 1850’s. When he bought a herd of 400 head of cattle in Texas and did not follow the strictly held local convention of branding them, it caused quite a stir. Such a stir that we still use his name today to signify independent or visionary thinking.

Now here’s the thing. Simply put, branding did not matter to Maverick, Therefore, despite local convention, he did not worry what others might think about him. His concerns centered on his big ideas: a thriving life back east. Easy decision. No stress. No doubt. No hesitation.

Imagine taking action according to what you love, value, and hope for. Is that so crazy?

And there’s another thing. Decisions made according to other people’s expectations rob your life of color, creativity, and spontaneity. When you take 100% responsibility for yourself, so much more opens up for you – at work, at home, in relationships, in your health, in all aspects of your life.

When you “go Maverick” the rewards are many. Going Maverick is a powerful source of focused energy and creativity, and that’s what gives you your Edge. You Mavericks out there know what you want, and this shapes your decisions and gives meaning to your actions.

The Maverick Edge creates very practical positive effects. You become very clear when aspects of your work life are not serving you, and you know how best to speak up or move on. You focus on your business with clearer head and deeper confidence, adding new clients or opportunities as you aim for higher levels of prosperity. When relationships, friendships, or home situation no longer serve your highest and best needs, you speak or act directly to address the situation. Your focus is on creating your desired level of health, wealth, happiness, and well being and you are lead by trust and honor for your inner knowing. Other people’s opinions matter less and less.

And better yet, when you know your purpose and build a life that supports that purpose, there’s a lot more room for play. Thus –

Mavericks Have More Fun!


I am passionate about helping you grow Your Maverick Edge. No one should be branded into some identity, relationship, kind of work, or life they do not love and did not choose. And that includes YOU.

And now that you know why it works, let me show you how I help you get there.


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